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LG’s WebOS TV Has Way Too Many Sound Effects

The interface on this thing is far better than anything on the market, but the mascot and the sounds are a little much.

LG’s WebOS TV Has Way Too Many Sound Effects

WebOS is getting a new lease on life, and this time it looks awesome. The OS is about to get a second wind in a new line of Smart TVs from LG, and one wonders how well a platform designed for mobile devices will work in the living room. Smart TVs, after all, have historically been terrible. But this one looks, well, damn near user friendly–even if it’s a little overzealous on the sound effects.

WebOS, however, might be the perfect solution. Today LG released a promotional video showing their Smart TVs in action, and it looks pretty spectacular. We’ve already written about the company’s goals for the platform–simplification, in a word. LG wanted an OS that laid all its features out for users, and was easy enough for anyone in the home to use. A nice notion on paper, but did LG pull it off?

The platform, initially developed for smartphones and tablets by Palm and HP, was inexplicably discontinued two years ago. While there’s no way of knowing for sure until the new sets are available for purchase, the company definitely seems to be on track. The OS appears to be well-designed, responsive, and intuitive. If it works as smoothly as advertised, Smart TVs may finally be coming of age.