This Horrifying Fitness Game For Google Glass Makes You Run For Your Life

The new fitness motivator enabled by technology: Running from zombies and oncoming trains.

Next time you see someone running down the street screaming “Get away from me, zombies!” or “You’ll never catch me, giant boulder!” give them the benefit of the doubt. They may be crazy, but maybe not quite as crazy as you think.


Race Yourself, a new Google Glass app development company, has come up with a dystopian, somewhat terrifying creation: an app that lets you race against giant boulders, zombies, fire, virtual friends, and even an oncoming train.

The visions are reportedly just as realistic as they appear to be in the video above, which is a replica of the Race Yourself experience on Glass. “It’s freaky. The scariest one for me at the moment is the freight train. It has this ‘clacketyclack’ noise, and when it gets within 50 meters you hear its foghorn. At that point, you’re probably going to get flattened,” says Race Yourself CEO Alex Foster.

The futuristic arcade experiences are just sideshows, in a sense. Foster believes the main attraction in the app is the ability to race yourself or your friends, with information about previous running times and goals available in the corner of the screen. The other games, he says, are just “really cool things to use as rewards.” Pretending to run from from an oncoming train or zombies every time you go for a jog might get tiresome after awhile, but on the other hand, the Zombies, Run! iPhone app has been a huge success. People are gluttons for fake terror.

Race Yourself is in beta at the moment, and the team is working on perfecting the game with Glass’s small processing power and relatively low battery life. “The plan is to make sure we’re very ready for when Glass comes out,” says Foster. Google has said it will release Glass for the general public in 2014.


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