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Is This What The iPhone 6 Will Look Like?

Leaked images are floating around the Internet exposing Apple's possible plans for a new iPhone.

Is This What The iPhone 6 Will Look Like?

Chinese site CTech (C科技) posted pics of this alleged iPhone 6 case, which appears to be slimmer than its predecessors. Apple has a habit of launching new products in September, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from speculating on the design and features early on in the past.

Image via The Register

So what can we actually surmise from the pics and gossip? Well, the iPhone 6, iPhablet, or possibly even the iPhone Air, will trim down the current iPhone 5S from 7.6mm to around 6mm, which could be related to Apple's exclusive rights to the product Liquidmetal, according to Macworld. In November, the California-based company published five patents relating to Liquidmetal, which can be produced in smaller quantities, is extremely durable, but maintains the "same level of build quality as aluminum." Basically, the phone will be equipped with a very thin battery, lessening the weight and width of it. (An artist mockup courtesy of Macworld below.)

Adding to the conjecture, is Apple's estimated expense of $578 million on sapphire glass that could lead to a bigger display; rumors are circulating about it ranging from 4.7in to 5.7in. Sapphire glass is currently integrated into the iPhone 5's Touch ID Home button as well as the cover of the of the rear-facing camera—the technology is said to be "virtually scratch free." Some speculation claims that the display will even be stretched to completely cover the front of the phone, making it borderless.

So the phone may be extremely thin, extremely durable, and extremely light. Unfortunately, we will all have to wait until the WWDC in June, at least—possibly even later—to substantiate any of the hearsay.