The Email Lists We Unsubscribed From In 2013: 1-800 Flowers, Expedia, Party City

The most (and least) popular emails reflect our social media-obsessed culture.

The Email Lists We Unsubscribed From In 2013: 1-800 Flowers, Expedia, Party City
[Image: Flickr user _-0-_], a much-lauded service that aims to help people drowning in emails manage overloaded inboxes, has released its data on the most unsubscribed and most popular email subscriptions of 2013–and they say a lot about the companies we interact with online.


According to, of 2.5 million unsubscribed emails, consumers were most displeased with 1-800 Flowers, unsubscribing at a 52.5% rate, followed by spam from TicketWeb, which had a 47.5% unsubscribe rate.

Most unsubscribed email lists

  1. 1800 Flowers: 52.50% unsubscribe rate
  2. TicketWeb: 47.50% unsubscribe rate
  3. Pro Flowers: 45.10% unsubscribe rate
  4. Expedia: 45.00% unsubscribe rate
  5. 44.70% unsubscribe rate
  6. Eventful: 44.20% unsubscribe rate
  7. Oriental Trading: 43.60% unsubscribe rate
  8. 42.10% unsubscribe rate
  9. 1800 Contacts: 42.00% unsubscribe rate
  10. Party City: 41.60% unsubscribe rate

In contrast, the most popular email subscriptions reflect our social-media obsessed culture. Unsurprisingly, Facebook took the top spot, with 70% of Unroll users subscribing to the social giant, followed closely by Google+.

Most subscribed emails lists

  1. Facebook: 70% of users are subscribed
  2. Google+: 66.90% of users are subscribed
  3. Twitter: 64.40% of users are subscribed
  4. LinkedIn: 62.10% of users are subscribed
  5. YouTube: 48.40% of users are subscribed

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