Louis C.K. One: Your Favorite Comedian And Your Favorite ’90s Fragrance–Together

As we’ve mentioned before, Louis C.K. has a complicated relationship with advertising. These mixed feelings have prompted the almost embarrassingly well-respected comedian and filmmaker to create some refreshingly straightforward ads. It is for this reason that one imagines C.K. might be horrified to know that there is a website devoted to photoshopped ads of himself shilling for Calvin Klein.

Louis C.K. One is a Tumblr that imagines a world where Louis C.K. lends his very essence to ads for one of the most beloved fragrances of the 1990s. If you weren’t old enough in the ’90s, you might not remember CK One or its ubiquitous ad campaign. (They are both still around, the latter having been updated for modern times.) The ads’ celebration of unity-from-diversity and youthful, disheveled hipness in both the old and new ads is hilariously not exemplified by everydude comedian Louis C.K.

If the concept alone weren’t funny enough to merit a look, seeing the neo-noir aesthetic of the old CK One campaign, along with the signature font, applied to an ad that boasts Louis C.K.’s protuberant midsection handily justifies its existence. See more of the fake ads in the slides above.

H/t to Laughing Squid