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Sony Intends To Launch An Online Pay-TV Service

The service will stream live and on-demand content to TVs, game consoles, and mobile devices.

[Image: Flickr user ume-y]

Intel is ready to give up on its online TV service even before its launch, but another tech company is taking a crack at being a TV provider. On Tuesday, Sony announced at CES 2014 that it intends to launch its own Internet TV service that will stream live and on-demand content to televisions, game consoles, and mobile devices without the use of a set-top box. It will begin testing the service later this year.

Last summer, Sony inked a deal with Viacom to carry channels including MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon on its pay-TV service. The company says it's well positioned to expand into TV, holding claim to more than 70 million Internet-enabled devices on the market. Sony also says the PlayStation 3 is the most popular device to stream Netflix.

On Tuesday, Sony also announced that PlayStation 4 owners made up 20% of broadcasters on the live streaming video-game platform Twitch. Before the launch of the PS4, the game maker told Fast Company that Twitch was crucial to the console's social strategy.

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