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PulseWallet: Pay By Scanning The Veins In Your Palm

Shoppers can access their electronic wallets after the point-of-sale technology scans their veins.

PulseWallet: Pay By Scanning The Veins In Your Palm

[Image: Flickr user Thomas O'Rourke]

For those who worry about the security of different mobile payments products, PulseWallet hears you. At CES 2014, the company is showing off a supposedly "spoof-proof" technology that allows consumers to pay by scanning their palms.

By incorporating biometrics into its point-of-sale product, PulseWallet lets shoppers access registered electronic wallets at participating merchants. Registration at a PulseWallet terminal should take less than a minute, and users are authenticated within a second.

PulseWallet is based on Fujitsu's palm vein sensors called PalmSecure, which is used in products to sign in or gain physical entry. The sensor works by shining a near-infrared light to capture vein patterns in a person's palm without touching the skin, and that is matched against the palms of other pre-registered users. Fujitsu says the vascular pattern cannot be duplicated and provides low false-accept and reject rates.