Watch Bone-Chilling Vine Videos From Crazy People Braving The Polar Vortex

A few brave souls have confronted the elements to bring us six seconds of looping, frozen hellscapes. Your teeth will chatter just watching.

Watch Bone-Chilling Vine Videos From Crazy People Braving The Polar Vortex
[Image: Flickr user Edward Stojakovic]

Instagram screenshots of the weather forecast don’t do justice to today’s frigid nationwide temperatures. Rather, offering a more complete understanding of what “polar vortex” means, the chilled masses have taken to Vine to provide us with six-second loops of frozen hellscapes, which is more than enough exposure to the elements for us. Below we’ve compiled some of the most creative Vine videos from the brave souls showcasing crazy cold weather phenomena (or just plain crazy behavior).

It’s so cold out boiling water turns to snow in seconds:

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

(Yahoo News explains the science behind this phenomenon, which is known as the Mpemba effect.)

It’s so cold out things that have no business being solid are frozen stiff:

Fun with trampolines.

Cool shirt.

It’s so cold out that some people have gone insane:

This is no time for ice cream.

It hurts to watch.

(We do not condone or even comprehend this behavior!)

And, then, of course, there are the jerks reminding us that it’s not so cold outside everywhere:

Polar vortex?

Stay warm and safe, people. (And share your favorite cold-weather Vines in the comments.)

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