• 01.07.14

You Can Buy Things Off Superbowl Ads, But Here’s Why You Won’t

Samsung and Delivery Agent are partnering to bring a department store into your living room during the Super Bowl, but it’s not for everybody. Literally.

You Can Buy Things Off Superbowl Ads, But Here’s Why You Won’t
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Department store H&M has plans for a new type of commercial during February 2nd’s Super Bowl XLVIII: it will enable viewers to purchase H&M items directly from their television set when they see the ad. With a touch of their remote control, viewers will be able to buy the same Bodywear products from David Beckham’s Spring 2014 collection that they see during the 30 second Super Bowl spot.


The technology is decidedly less magical than it seems. We know because it’s on display at this week’s 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and while it’s a great opportunity to engage customers directly from the couch, there are some acute limitations.

Delivery Agent, in which Samsung is an investor, has a new commerce platform whose major flaw is that it only works with a select number of Samsung TV sets manufactured in 2012 and 2013, severely limiting the retailer’s audience participation.

In fact, this limitation may be even more substantial than it seems, because some older models of Samsung TVs aren’t even equipped with Wi-Fi out of the box–they require an extra dongle sold separately. For a celebrity known for “bending it,” Beckham’s Samsung campaign sure has some inflexible hardware requirements.

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