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Garmin Releases Vivofit Fitness Band To Take on Fitbit, Nike, and Jawbone

The 24/7 fitness and sleep tracker includes a battery that is said to last at least a year.

[Image: Garmin]

Fitness trackers were a big hit at CES last year, and the category continues to gain in 2014. Known best for its satellite navigation devices, Garmin unveiled a fitness band called Vivofit to take on the Fitbit Force, Jawbone Up, and Nike FuelBand.

A curved display on the band shows users steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, how far they are from their goals, as well as the time of day. To encourage users to take frequent short walking breaks, the screen also shows a red bar when wearers are inactive for an hour. The bar increases if they remain idle and resets after walking for a few minutes—to get users out of the red, so to speak.

The water-resistant Bluetooth tracker also records sleeping patterns, and its battery can last for more than a year. To sync and view this sleep data, people use the company's online community Garmin Connect. Garmin will ship Vivofit in the first quarter for $130 or $170 bundled with a heart-rate monitor. It will be available in black, purple, teal, blue, and slate.

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