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Siri Knows About The Movie "Her" And She Does Not Like It

At least she's in good humor about the whole thing.

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Those crack journalists at BuzzFeed have figured out that Siri is aware of her on-screen doppelgänger in the new Spike Jonze film Her. As 9to5Mac put it, "asking Siri about the actually artificial intelligence causes her to respond with a variety of disparaging lines that sometimes border on jealousy." When that writer tried inquiring about the film, he got his own interesting reply. The prompt BuzzFeed used was "Siri, are you her?" The Huffington Post also got some unique ripostes. The responses are above.

You can see why Apple's engineers would be so quick to make Siri aware (and cheeky) about the film. Artificial intelligence is portrayed in the movie as a high-tech security blanket for a deeply insecure man, a far-from-ideal bit of guerrilla marketing for Apple, which likes to position Siri as a "digital personal assistant" with far fewer emotional responsibilities than her on-screen counterpart. As the Seattle Times' review of the film says, "Theo wanders the streets alone but not alone, with Samantha in his ear, and they giggle and talk in the twilight just like any couple in love. It’s a perfect relationship, even according to Theodore’s ex (Rooney Mara). 'He always wanted a wife,' she notes, 'without the challenges of a real person.'"