Moms Blame Old Spice For Their Son’s Manhood, Get Super Weird, In New Campaign

The body spray has turned their little boys into lady-loving gentlemen too soon.


To a mother, no matter how old, tall, fat, or bearded their son may get, a part of him is always her precious little boy. In its newest campaign, Old Spice puts words to a mom’s lament for simpler times as a series of mothers sing their disapproval of how the brand’s body spray has transformed their beloved offspring. The result is … unsettling.


Created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and directed by Steve Ayson, the 60-second spot “Momsong” shows a collection of grieving mothers lurking behind doors, in the bushes, dragging behind the car, buried in beach sand, bemoaning their son’s move to manhood in song.

I didn’t see it coming, but it came in a can
Now my sweet son’s sprayed into a man

The young gentleman’s extracurricular activities seem pretty wholesome compared to what, say, Axe might dream up but that’s not enough for these moms.

Old Spice made a man of my son
Now he’s kissing all the women and his chores aren’t done

There’s also two related 25-second spots featuring different verses to the same tune.

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