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Advice On Getting Vine Famous From BatDad

Content marketers are always looking to gain notoriety. Here’s one simple secret to making it happen for you.

Advice On Getting Vine Famous From BatDad
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“Without Vine, it’s pretty safe to say there would be no BatDad,” says Blake Wilson, the man behind the mask in the wildly popular videos. “There was something about that six-second limitation that really grabbed me. You have to come up with a beginning and an end and you know exactly how much time you have to do it, as opposed to something like YouTube, which is more open-ended.”

Every day there are new apps that let people make little multimedia projects and share them within a community of like-minded users. Inevitably, some users stand out. So what’s the trick to making something that will make you, say, Vine famous?

Picking a network where you want to stand out should be like picking a way to exercise. If swimming is more enjoyable to you than running, then you’re likely to be motivated to do it every day–so quit forcing yourself to run. In short, the best app is the one you actually like using. What sparks a creative fire in you?

“For me, Vine was my canvas that I created content on, and then people shared that content on other platforms. But others may find their creativity flow through something else,” says Wilson.

Make Your Masterpiece

“There are some horrible music videos out there that cost millions of dollars,” says Jesiah Bonney, Mindie’s top featured user. Mindie allows users in a tap-to-record fashion to create seven-second music videos. Mindie has high-profile users like Jack Dorsey, iJustine, and Aston Kutcher, but it’s the unrecognizable names on the recommended list, like Bonney, that are the most interesting.

Bonney reached the top spot on Mindie the old fashioned way, with plenty of hard work. The method of picking a song and then shooting a seven-second video appealed to the way he sees his surroundings.

“Sometimes it can take me just seven seconds and other times it can take me over an hour to make a Mindie,” says Bonney. “That’s just the filming time, if you add up all the brainstorming, staging, and all the failed attempts then it can sometimes take me days. Minimal tools equals maximum creativity, and my goal is make a masterpiece in seven seconds on my iPhone.” A masterpiece! If that’s not how you feel about the content you’re creating, then you’re probably creating in the wrong medium.

Even though a lot of Bonney’s Mindies appear to require technical skills, one of his favorites is a simple one he calls “Science Fiction.” “I was so happy with the result, the visuals were original and creative and the music went perfect with it,” he says.


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