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Rap Genius In Google's Good Graces, Don't Call It A Comeback

Witness the power of Google to flip a switch and destroy or revive a business.

Rap Genius In Google's Good Graces, Don't Call It A Comeback

Rap Genius co-founder Mahbod Moghadam. (Portrait illustration by Denise Nestor)

After wagging its swag in the face of Google, Rap Genius, the "Talmud for the Internet," is back in the search giant's good graces. Cofounder Mahbod Moghadam IM'd Fast Company (a frequent—and welcomed—occurrence) to let us know. When he did so, it looked as if the correction hadn't yet kicked in. We Googled "don't call it a comeback"+ll cool j, lyrics to L.L. Cool J's 1991 hit "Mama Said Knock You Out." (Note: That link should help Rap Genius's Google rank—they did not ask us to add it.) On Saturday morning, here's what came up.

Search results for L.L. Cool J lyrics on Saturday—Rap Genius couldn't be found, even several pages in.

On Sunday, things looked better for the Rap Genius crew (although AZlyrics was still ahead of RG in the results).

Rap Genius's Google results on Sunday (just under the result for this story).

Rap Genius's founders wrote in a statement:

It takes a few days for things to return to normal, but we’re officially back!

First of all, we owe a big thanks to Google for being fair and transparent and allowing us back onto their results pages. We overstepped, and we deserved to get smacked.

The whole statement is here..