Doritos Unveils Its Five Super Bowl Ad Finalists

By now we all know the deal. Frito-Lay’s Doritos has for years now challenged all comers to “Crash the Super Bowl” with their advertising genius. For the effort, contestants get a chance at their ad nabbing one of two spots during the big game.

Breakroom Ostrich

The brand has unveiled the five finalists from which two–one picked by company marketing suits and one picked by fans–will be chosen to appear on millions of TVs during the February 2nd broadcast. All five go for the goofy laugh angle, albeit with a variety of strategies. “Breakroom Ostrich” goes for animal sound chuckles–like last year’s popular goat–while “Time Machine” and “Cowboy Kid” take the precocious youngster approach. “Finger Cleaner” and “Office Thief” are going for the always dependable workplace weirdness strategy.

Cowboy Kid

The only thing missing is a spot that’s sole aim of making you weep your crunchy snack-loving eyes out at work. All are pretty funny, but by the looks of the view numbers “Finger Cleaner” is the odds on favorite. Why? “You ask too many questions, Billy.”