This Levitating Tree Illusion Is Very Convincing

Everybody wants to be on the inside of an inside joke. It’s a fact. Nothing feels less inclusive than hanging around mutual friends who have somehow developed a running bit while you were off doing something else. Perhaps that’s why it must be such a joy to discover single-point perspective art interventions out in the wild. It’s like an inside joke just between the artist and you–unless it’s really awesome, in which case it will most certainly end up on the Internet.

Today’s impressive street art masterstroke comes to us from Potsdam, Germany, where two artists decided to make a tree levitate, or at least give the appearance of such. Using tin foil and some meticulously detailed spray-painting, Daniel Siering and Mario Shu made a tree look as though it had been bisected while remaining upright–with a chunk of empty air separating the two halves. See how it works a little more clearly in the video below.

In celebration of the levitating tree illusion, let’s all pay the magic forward. Commit yourself to doing something semi-elaborate and funny today that barely anybody else will see. It will be a celebration of making everybody feel known and included, one person at a time. Let us know if you plan to go through with it in the comments below.

H/t to 22 Words