GoPro Built Shaun White His Own Private Halfpipe

Snowboarder Shaun White has changed a few things since winning the halfpipe gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Games. Among them, the 27-year-old chopped off his famously flowing “Flying Tomato” mane and has added the new slopestyle competition to his golden-hued aspirations. And while his private training regimen remains, the Red Bull logo is gone–this time the practice playground was built by GoPro.

Four years ago, Red Bull used the private halfpipe it funded in Colorado for White to create a full-length film called “Project X.” Now GoPro is taking a run at tapping White’s Olympic popularity for some content gold using its own cameras.

The new training ground, built in Australia in the fall, not only features the halfpipe but a full slopestyle course with jumps and rails, to help him get ready for the Games’ newest snowboard event.

It’s really no surprise that GoPro has stepped into the void left by Red Bull to take advantage of such an obvious opportunity. Both companies put content at the core of their brand in a variety of ways. But GoPro is using what was primarily an image play for the energy drink as yet another example of its product being the brand’s most valuable marketing tool.JB