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Walt Mossberg And Kara Swisher's New Abode Is Re/Code

The AllThingsD duo announced details of their new site, which is backed by NBCUniversal News Group and Windsor Media.

[Image of an NYU chalkboard drawing of Mossberg and Swisher: Flickr user joebeone]

Two of the tech world's most respected commentators announced details of their new venture yesterday. Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, the journalists behind AllThingsD, launched Revere Digital, with financial backing from NBCUniversal News Group and Windsor Media, which is owned by former Warner Bros. head Terry Semel.

"Why have we chosen Re/code as the name for our new creation?" the two wrote in a blog post. "Simply put: Because everything in tech and media is constantly being refreshed, renewed and reimagined. And this is the reinvention of ourselves."

The original AllThingsD team, which includes Peter Kafka and Mike Isaac, will now be writing and producing stories on a the new site. AllThingsD's annual D Conference has been rebranded as the Code Conference and will take place in Los Angeles at the end of May 2014.

Mossberg's consumer critic rival, David Pogue, also jumped ship last year, leaving the New York Times to head up Yahoo's new consumer tech site. Expect its unveiling within the next few months.

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