If You Can Crack These Image Puzzles, The British Government Might Like A Word

It is a very scary time to be a piece of sensitive data. If rogue hackers don’t find you, then perhaps the hackers at the NSA will. As we head toward a future in which required coding classes for high-schoolers is a possibility, it remains infinitely better to be one of those tasked with finding such pieces of data. Those with a genius for numbers and finding patterns are in high demand by the government–who would apparently rather give them jobs than risk losing them to the dark side, if such a side can even be determined at this point.

Recently, The Daily Mail teamed up with the Cyber Security Challenge and Blackberry to create a code-breaking challenge for aspiring master-hackers. This challenge involves finding hidden codes in four separate images in what may end up being a job interview. The results will also be seen by organizations such as British intelligence agency GCHQ and Sophos, who are looking for a few good decryptors.

Clue 3: The polar bear’s nose contrasts with the bright background, maybe there is something in the colours you can adjust.

Users must save each of the four images to their desktops, and then manipulate them in various ways, with the goal of uncovering a hidden numerical or alphabetical code inside. Some of these images might require altering color and contrast to reveal the code; others, photo-editing software tricks.

Although the hidden codes will be revealed by the Cyber Security Challenge soon, have a look through the images above and see how you fare.JB