The Best Startup Offices From 2013

As this year’s crop of startups start to scale, we reveal which ones grew into the best digs.

The Best Startup Offices From 2013
[Image: Flickr user Adam Greig]

These new offices of 2013 are the foundations for dreams. If you’re someone whose work environment dictates their productivity, these offices will put you into overdrive.



“The front waiting area of GitHub’s new headquarters in San Francisco conveys a sense of quiet strength superpower, in fact as it is an actual replica of the White House Oval Office.

‘We want our visitors to feel important,’ said Tom Preston-Werner, who is cofounder and CEO of the very well funded startup, which runs a social network that computer programmers can use to manage and collaborate on software development.” – “In through the oval office: GitHub HQ opens,” by Patrick Hoge

“We have basically full control over all of the building systems in the new building and I’m really fascinated to see what we end up doing with that. The number of times that I’ve had to describe API to (building contractors) I almost ripped my hair out.”- “Inside GitHub’s Super-Lean Management Strategy,” by Chris Dannen


“Evernote’s coffee bar and break areas are clad with Douglas fir plywood, the texture and grain of which provides its own graphic patterns. Forgoing expensive interior branding, Evernote instead hired chalk artist Dana Tanamachi to draft a wall-sized representation of the company’s identity, complete with its tagline, ‘Remember everything,’ and elephant logo. Low-maintenance, water-conserving plants on an adjoining wall contribute to the reception area’s look of unforced spaciousness.” – “Inside Evernote’s New Redwood City Offices,” by Office Snapshots


“Through the clean, white lobby adorned with little more than a backlit Square logo, glass double doors open onto the “Boulevard” — the main artery traversing the length of the office’s main floor and acting as the anchor of the office’s open floor plan. The street metaphor is not incidental: The entire office is consciously organized like a city. The conference rooms along the front wall are named in alphabetical order after San Francisco city streets and designated as ‘intersections’ based on which floor they inhabit.” – “At One of Tech’s Hottest Startups, a Huge New Office Aims Small,” by Marcus Wohlsen

“The design of the office ‘motivates people to move around the office and interact in casual, unscheduled ways,’ Chris Gorman Square’s head of office experience explains–just like the well-planned public spaces of a great city. Early concepts for the office were motivated by old 18th-century maps of cities.” – “Why Square Designed Its New Offices To Work Like A City,” by David Zax


Trip Advisor (Singapore)

“’The world is one big playground. We want to emulate a fun environment likening to a travel experience in the office considering the travel and leisure scope of its business and industry. As a result, employees go to work as if they’re on a trip every day, revitalised and renewed to tackle on their work,’ explains design firm Kyoob-id’s associate director, Maggie Yeo.” – “The New TripAdvisor Office In Singapore,” by Office Snapshots


Even if your startup can’t get into an office space quite yet, don’t fret. There are plenty of shared spaces that could make for a sweet temporary setup. Here are two of the nicest-looking new ones in Chicago and L.A.

The Warehouse

“The Warehouse will be located within Lightbank’s office space and offers anyone who is starting a company the ability to rent one desk or more for around $300 per month. The agreement is month to month, and allows for a designated desk with access to a phone, high-speed WiFi, printers, copiers, fax machines, conference rooms, and more. Coworkers in The Warehouse will also be able to access some of the perks that Lightbank employees get, such as shuttles to public transportation in Chicago and discounted gym memberships.” – “Lightbank Launches A Coworking Space In Chicago,” by Leena Rao.

Be Great Labs

Startup incubator accelerator, Be Great Labs announced plans for nine new co-working spaces across Los Angeles with the newest one opening in Culver City. $295/month gets you a permanent workstation and the usual host of amenities like Internet, snacks, and printing.

How About The Lamest Office?

There’s the impressive and there’s the lamest, Dashlane was given the lamest startup office award by Fast Company. A badge of honor Dashlane was a good sport about, knowing a building doesn’t make a company, but it’s the product and team inside that does.

“The workplace amenities (or lack thereof) in its New York SoHo office wouldn’t attract many prospective employees–at least not those looking for the storied Silicon Valley (and Alley) perks. The carpets have coffee stains, office security consists of a life-size Bruce Lee cutout, and employees have fashioned curtains out of cardboard boxes.” “See The Lamest Startup Office In America,” by Rebecca Greenfield