These Are The Most-Viewed Spoof Ads of 2013

Since the dawn of time (or the first season of SNL) poking fun at and spoofing TV commercials has been a part of our pop cultural landscape. The best fake commercials enjoy the same affection, nostalgia, and use as random conversational references as any real ad. For every “1984” or “Where’s The Beef?”, there’s a “Super Bass-o-matic 76” and “Bad Idea Jeans.”

And yet another blessing of the great and powerful Internet is the proliferation and quality of modern ad spoofs. Never in the history of commerce have more brands or ad agencies enjoyed more earned media from those paying tribute and/or openly mocking them, and measurement firm Visible Measures has compiled a list of the Most Watched Spoof Ads of 2013.

The big winners of the spoof sweepstakes are Volvo and Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors, who created the epic “Epic Splits,” starring Jean Claude Van Damme. The brand had the No. 1 most-watched spoof–starring Channing Tatum–at 12 million plus views and the number 8 most viewed spoof featuring Toronto mayor/trainwreck Rob Ford’s head. And the tributes to this spot haven’t stopped yet.

A close second is Apple and the iPhone 5, which had three top-notch spoofs in the Top 10. The first two focus on how similar the new iPhone is to its predecessor, while the third by Conan O’Brien presents a strong argument for why gold is best.

Check the gallery to see all the Most Viewed Spoof Ads of 2013.JB