See 23 Innovative Christmas Cards From A Legendary Disney Animator

During gift-giving season, a homespun touch can often go over a lot better than something you bought at the store. We already mentioned recently how going in a different direction for gift-wrapping makes a lasting impression. Now let’s talk about Christmas cards. Decorating these yourself in a creative way is a surefire opportunity to impress. It’s much easier to do so, however, if you happen to be a master animator for Disney.

Ward Kimball is one of the studio’s storied Nine Old Men, a group of pioneering animators at Walt Disney Studios. Between the 1930s and the 1960s, Kimball created a series of Christmas cards that pretty much do for that medium what Snow White did for animated films. As the cards move on in time, you can see Kimball’s style evolving as he attempts more daring styles and concepts. Some of the cards are drawn, others involve photographs, and others still combine the two. All of them are better than the cards you made or bought, but they will still inspire you to raise your card game.

Have a look through more of them in the slides above.

H/t to Cartoon Brew