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Vine Users Can Now Have Their Own Vanity URLs

While verified users can sign up tomorrow morning, everyone else has to wait until Monday.

Vine Users Can Now Have Their Own Vanity URLs

[Image: Flickr user mikecogh]

Those of you who define yourselves by your Vines may find that a new feature on the video-sharing site is right up your street. Twitter has announced that, starting tomorrow, its users can bag themselves vanity URLs. Verified users get to go first, from 9 a.m. Friday morning, while everyone else will have to wait until Monday. It's a simple process: go to the log-in page and follow the registration instructions.

The move brings Vine into line with other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,and Google+. Verified user names have been automatically reserved, but not those belonging to common-or-garden accounts. Because of that, suggests Twitter, registration and reservation is a must.