With Advanced Search, Finding Kickstarter Projects Just Got Easier

Kickstarter has overhauled its internal search engine so you can more easily find amazing crowdsource projects on the site.

With Advanced Search, Finding Kickstarter Projects Just Got Easier
[Image: Flickr user Michael Pedersen]

Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform, is making it significantly easier to discover projects that may be of interest to you. Introducing Kickstarter Advanced Search.

As users of Kickstarter will know, it’s not always easy to find upcoming projects on the site. The new Advanced Search option offers a list of filters to really weed out specific projects–including location-based categories. For example, users can search for art projects in their city or state, or look for games projects tagged with #space. Users who connect to Facebook can also filter by projects their friends have backed, introducing a social network angle to the site. Results from these filtered searches can also be sorted in a variety of ways including launch date or a new “magic” filter, which Kickstarter says will show you “what’s bubbling up right now across categories and subcategories.”

Kickstarter is acting in its own interests here, of course. Projects that are easier to find could be easier to fund, and Kickstarter gets a 5% cut of funded projects. The company has been growing fast this year, requiring it to make it clear that even small projects will be discoverable. It has also made big changes to its management, while promising that it won’t sell–and plans to stay true to its roots.

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