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"Hatching Twitter" To Be Turned Into A TV Drama

Production giant Lionsgate has bagged the rights to the book, and its author, Nick Bilton, will be writing the screenplay and acting as producer.

"Hatching Twitter" To Be Turned Into A TV Drama

[Image: Flickr user James Cridland]

Three years after a movie about Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook hit the big screen, the story of Twitter's inception is to be adapted for the small screen. Hatching Twitter, which reveals just how close Twitter came to never making it past the egg stage, has been optioned by Lionsgate to be turned into a TV series.

Bilton, a New York Times tech writer, announced the news yesterday on his blog. The show's executive producer, Allison Shearmur, said this: "Hatching Twitter will go behind the scenes of a groundbreaking Silicon Valley company in a way that’s never been captured before on television. The Social Network’ was a perfect film, and this series will be different, providing a longer view of the work life changes, gamesmanship and personal sacrifices made by a group of individuals who are building a company that will change the way that people communicate."

"The Social Network" aside, dramatizations of the tech world rarely get the thumbs-up from the emperors of the red velvet seats—the critics. Ashton Kutcher threw away his razor to play Steve Jobs in Jobs, but the Apple visionary's original colleague, Steve Wozniak, was less than impressed. And, last year, Mark Zuckerberg's sister Randi gave Silicon Valley the reality TV treatment, with Startups: Silicon Valley. And then there was this—but with no news since January, one assumes Objective Sea has been lost at sea.

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