GE Actually Makes Shipping Freight Something You Can Dance To

During General Electric’s ongoing “Brilliant Machines” campaign, the company has gone to great lengths to explain some of the large scale technology and innovation it works on and make it entertaining at the same time. From the industry nerd porn on its Instagram to robot rock bands and The Matrix, each element and project has done a great job making it all look pretty damn exciting.

But jet engines and robots are one thing. Shipping containers? That is quite another. To show how the company is using the industrial Internet to help rail transportation network CSX build one of the most efficient systems in the world, agency Barbarian Group, Ladytron‘s Reuben Wu and director Noah Conopask created a song and video around GE’s products at work at the CSX Intermodal Terminal in North Baltimore, Ohio.

“The team was inspired in part by the early work of Coldcut and Hexstatic, who did some breakthrough audio/visual sequencing with the video ‘Timber’ several years ago,” says creative director Adam Lau. “We’ve been wanting to tap into new mediums, particularly sound, to tell GE stories. This syncing approach allowed a different and more accessible way to show how tightly these complex systems are coordinated.”

All that industrial movement combined with a healthy dose of hearty beats might be enough for you to drive out to your local rail yard and pull one of these.JB