Amazon Launches Storybuilder To Help Screenwriters Write

Amazon has tools to help people do many number of things, and now that list includes writing stories.

Amazon Launches Storybuilder To Help Screenwriters Write
[Image: Flickr user Juan Pablo Olmo]

Storybuilder is a new Amazon service, launched in beta as part of Amazon Studios. The tool aims to replace some of the more old-fashioned pen-and-ink solutions that creative people like screenwriters, filmmakers, and perhaps even plain old writers use to organize their thoughts.

Amazon’s system has a sort of virtual Post-it design. The notes are arranged in columns by timeline or perhaps category, and you can double-click on a single entry to zoom into it and reveal more details. You can also upload images, extra annotation, and tags to help fill out your ideas. The idea seems to be to keep the design light so that it’s accessible and still useful on desktop PCs, tablets, or even via smartphone (after all, inspiration strikes in the funniest places).

It’s hard to imagine there’s a very big market for this service, which may also help explain the beta launch. But Amazon, usually mysterious, does explain that it’s “still learning what kinds of features matter most to writers” and plans to add extras like the ability to upload video notes. In the sometimes cutthroat writing world, Amazon has also taken pains to point out that using its tool confers no ownership of your content over to Amazon.

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