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Nintendo Is "Experimenting" With Bringing Games To IOS

The company is considering the "little experiences you can have on your smartphone and tablet."

Nintendo Is "Experimenting" With Bringing Games To IOS

[Image: Flickr via user wwarby]

So you're a serious gamer, or possibly even a social gamer. Here is your current dilemma: You are lugging around your smartphone, a laptop, and sometimes even your tablet all day long, but you want to play on your Nintendo 3DS console. However, the idea of packing your bag with another bulky device seems too much to even consider. Well, Nintendo may finally alleviate some of your gaming woes.

In a recent interview, Reginald "Reggie" Fils-Aime, president/chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, suggested a shift in Nintendo's current strategy. Fils-Aime explained that while the ultimate goal will be to draw gamers to Nintendo hardware, the company is aware of the need for expansion. "We recognize that there are a lot of smartphones and tablets out there, and so what we’re doing is we’re being very smart in how we use these devices as marketing tools for our content." He went on to say, "We’re also doing a lot of experimentation of what I would call the little experiences you can have on your smartphone and tablet that will drive you back to your Nintendo hardware."

One of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies in gaming, Nintendo has been committed to pushing its products like the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS console, which has not seen equivalent success to the 2006 release of the Wii. But, as Fils-Aime puts it, "We believe our games are best played and best enjoyed on our devices," so it's unlikely that Donkey Kong 3D and Mario Kart 8 will be available in full mode on a future iOS.