Momdoms Bring An Unexpected New Element Into Your Sex Life–Your Mom

Bring your mom into your business with Momdoms, a new brand created out of an ad agency entrepreneurial initiative.

Condom packaging generally falls into one of three categories: boring, sleazy, and uh oh. But “Momdoms,” a new condom brand invented by a staffer at agency kbs+, has added a humorous twist to selling safe sex. Momdoms combine the two things that should never be combined in your mind: your mom and getting busy. The condoms come in tins featuring 1940s and ’50s-style women–i.e., the moms–and classic bits of mom wisdom: “Don’t Make Me Come In There!” There’s also a gay-themed series and a Christmas-themed series. “We took phrases that moms typically say around the holidays (like “Hope it Fits”) and turned them into something fun, and a little naughty,” says Wayne Simpkins, Momdoms’ co-founder. For a really personalized gift, you can now add your own picture (or your mom’s) to the condom tins.


What’s an agency got to do with condoms? Well, as we talk about all the time, agencies are, more and more, looking for ways to use their creative and strategic chops to develop beyond-ad business ideas, and many have undertaken entrepreneurial endeavors. Kbs+ has been active in this area, developing programs that encourage creatives “to be inventors.” The Momdoms project came out of an agency crowdsourcing competition in 2012 and several of the senior execs at the shop have invested in the product.

Simpkins, an executive assistant at kbs+, says it was his own mom–a nurse with a no-nonsense attitude toward sex–who inspired the idea. He wanted to share this openness with other families

“Moms love Momdoms because they can give them to their teenage children,” he says. “For women, we’ve learned that they are more apt to buy Momdoms instead of a regular box of condoms because it isn’t embarrassing to purchase them … retailers have been really receptive to that.”

At first, pharmacies were skeptical about buying Momdoms, for obvious reasons. But Simpkins says his big break came with the Hudson Square Pharmacy in New York. “One of the retailers was so impressed by our sales kit that he introduced us to his sales rep.” Now Momdoms is available in all NYC Ricky’s locations, Kings Pharmacy, Pylones and–big surprise–in a number of Las Vegas drug stores.

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