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Google Glass Upgrade Lets You Take A Photo By Winking

It's the best Christmas present a Glass-wearing Stalker could have wished for.

Google Glass Upgrade Lets You Take A Photo By Winking

[Image: Flickr user cygnus921]

Google just announced a slew of updates for its Glass headset, which include the ability to snap a photo with just the wink of an eye. The feature, which will likely have privacy campaigners frothing at the mouth, is, however, nothing new: Six months ago, developer Mike DiGiovanni of Isobar NowLabs created the Winky app for Glass. It will be interesting to see how the two versions differ.

There was also good news for iOS users, who should be able to use their devices alongside Glass by the end of the week—although the announcement was buried at the bottom of the blog post. "Great news iPhone fans, the iOS app is ready, but we need you to have this month’s Glass update first before it will work," it said. Other new features include the introduction of a lock screen, the ability to access Hangouts and upload a video to YouTube, as well some changes to the Music service.

The hardware was given its own makeover in October of this year, and Explorers were given the chance to upgrade their headsets for free.