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Facebook Acquires Sports Data Company SportStream

Employees of the San Francisco-based firm will move to Facebook's Menlo Park campus.

Facebook Acquires Sports Data Company SportStream

[Image: Flickr user ryan_fung]

Facebook has bought SportStream, a firm that specializes in analyzing, filtering, and aggregating sports data on social media. The deal was announced this morning. It is another weapon in Facebook's armory for dislodging Twitter as the go-to network for news and real-time content.

Justin Osofsky, Facebook's VP of media partnerships and global operations, wrote on the company's blog that "SportStream’s demonstrated track record of surfacing interesting and engaging content, along with their deep understanding of our products, means that we will be able to build a better experience for the people who use Facebook, and for our partners who depend on us for real-time insights."

Three months ago, Facebook announced that it would share its TV-related data with four national TV networks, just weeks after creating a brand-new set of tools in an attempt to entice broadcasters to serve up current affairs-related user content. SportStream's arrival at Facebook's Menlo Park campus is an attempt to do the same for sports.