• 12.22.13

The 12 Best Viral Videos Of 2013

It was a time of Belgian truck splits, naked wrecking ball rides, screaming goats, vulpine linguistics and much more.

There are apps and science that offer explanations for what makes one ad or piece of entertainment go viral over another. Some say it’s simply a fate left for the gods (or Reddit) to decide. Over the last year, it’s tough to see any real common traits among the best and most popular web videos. Aside from the millions of eyeballs, what exactly does a telekinetic freak out in a coffee shop to promote a movie share with a comedy duo from Norway with a catchy tune?


Each and every one of these videos were worthy of your time. This should both delight and terrify anyone trying to have their voice heard across the great expanse of the Internet. Whether its an obscure comedy team, movie promo, a pop star or an aging action hero using his flexibility to sell trucks, they demanded your attention and got it. The web doesn’t divide entertainment and advertising along traditional borders. If it’s good, it’s good. Quality trumps all. Well, that and twerking.

In the gallery, Co.Create’s picks for best viral videos of 2013.

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Jeff Beer is a staff editor at Fast Company, covering advertising, marketing, and brand creativity. He lives in Toronto.