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Amazon’s Smartphone Could Sport A Totally Alien Interface

Add up the leaks and you get a touchscreen phone you don’t actually touch.

Amazon’s Smartphone Could Sport A Totally Alien Interface
[Image: Flickr user Pixagraphic]

Unidentified sources from the Taiwanese-based supply chain, Primax Electronics, are claiming that Amazon placed orders for compact camera modules (CCMs) for intended use in a soon-to-be-released smartphone. If the rumors are true, the new phone will be equipped with “floating touch technology” allowing the user to use the screen without ever actually touching it.

Primax will supply three of the six CCMs, consistent with the much speculated about “Smith“–Amazon’s codenamed pet project, which is said to have “a display that moves to ‘give the impression’ of 3-dimensional depth and motion.” By combing six front-facing cameras, the device will track the user’s eye and head movements to match his/her point of view.

Similar to the Kindle Fire HDX, the phone will run on a modified version of Android and may possibly even include an adapted version of their successful Mayday button. The Seattle-based franchise, never stemming too far from their roots, will include a recognition system in their software. It will be able to pinpoint an object and bring the user to “a relevant page in Amazon’s online store in case they wish to purchase one.”

There are currently more than 209 million active Amazon customers, with Jeff Bezos constantly pushing the company into new channels–AmazonFresh, Amazon Prime, and most recently Amazon Drones. So it is not surprising that the Amazon empire has finally chosen to launch its smartphone.

Their smartphone will optimize the pool of existent and loyal “Amazoners,” but will probably make some easy converts too. Apple, meet your new opponent.