Candy Crush And Minecraft Killed It On Apple’s App Store In 2013

When it comes to top iPhone and iPad apps, it looks like we all like to play a little game.

Candy Crush And Minecraft Killed It On Apple’s App Store In 2013
[Image: Flickr user Oyvind Solstad ]

As part of its annual review of iTunes sales, Apple has revealed the top apps for its iOS devices, separated into free apps and paid apps.

It’s striking how much we game on our mobile devices. The top free iPhone apps were Candy Crush Saga–no surprises there!–followed by YouTube and then Temple Run 2. The top paid iPhone apps were Minecraft, Ellen Degeneres‘ family game Heads Up!, and Temple Run: Oz.

The story is similar on the iPad, with the top three free apps being exactly the same as the iPhone’s. The top paid apps were Minecraft, Pages, and Temple Run: Oz.

During 2013 Apple’s iTunes store passed several significant milestones, including 50 billion app downloads, 25 billion downloads of music, and one billion downloads of iTunes U educational courses. The app store may be considered as an informal thermometer for what’s hot in mobile devices, and 2013’s conclusion would be that we’re all wasting a lot of time on casual games.

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