• 12.18.13

Danish Film Critics Do Their Best “Nymphomaniac” Face In Spoof Posters

They re-created the infamous “orgasm-face” posters for Lars von Trier’s latest.

Danish Film Critics Do Their Best “Nymphomaniac” Face In Spoof Posters

In Co.Create’s ongoing quest to be Nymphomaniac completists, we’ve enjoyed and shared all the assorted dribs and drabs of content from Lars von Trier’s forthcoming sex opus as they’ve come down the pike. Apparently, though, we’ve not enjoyed these tidbits as ecstatically as some others have.


In advance of Denmark’s annual Bodil Awards, which has been kind to von Trier in the past, a group of Danish critics re-created Nymphomaniac’s notorious orgasm-face posters. Below, you will find Denmark’s major cinema sleuths posing seemingly nude, and competing for whose approximated ecstatic bliss can achieve the high heights set by Willen Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Stellan Skarsgård. (My vote goes to Sophie Engberg.)

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According to Reddit, the text on the mock-ad reads:

“This is what Danish film critics look like when they are enjoying good movies.”

“They are coming to the Bodil awards. Are you?”

And apparently, “coming” does indeed carry the same double-entendre in Danish as it does in English.

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