• 12.17.13

Spot The ’90s Throwback In This Ad For The Greatest Board Game Never Made

Dark Igloo has combined all your childhood (or early adult) favorites into one massive game.

Before the Earth was taken over by the almighty app and Call of Duty was just a polite way to say you needed a toilet, video games and board games co-existed in mutual popularity. Directing team Dark Igloo (David Franzese and Mark Richard Miller) from creative production company M ss ng P eces decided to hark back to that bygone era with Bored Game, the greatest game never made.


It may be a non-existent product, but the directors still had to make the game to create the ad. It’s a Voltron of ’80s and ’90s fun (that actually includes a Voltron), combining more than 20 different toys and games, including the Technodrome, Hot Shots Electronic Basketball, Boglins, Mall Madness, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower, Power Glove, Toe Jam & Earl, Laser Tag, Don’t Wake Daddy, 100-feet of slot car track, two Castle Grayskulls and hundreds of action figures. All that and a Reggie Watts voice-over.

Franzese and Miller say the idea popped up during a silly lunch conversation. “We thought, let’s spoof the ’90s commercials we all grew up with,” says Miller. “Where boring things seem super exciting, and where strange mascots might interrupt your day, we wondered what it would be like if that mascot was a little unreliable? What if his game was an increasingly zany amalgamation of every cool genre and game of the ’90s? We had so much fun getting our paws on these old games–our hope is that everyone who watches the video will see something they once loved and get that feeling back for a second.”

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