All The Best Pictures From The Chinese Moon Landing

On December 14, China’s Chang’e 3 spacecraft landed on the moon and sent back the first new images from the moon since the 1970s. We’ve collected some of the best images from the voyage from around the web–here are 22 of them.

The rocket pictured is China’s Long March 3B model, carrying a moon rover named Yutu, or Jade Rabbit in English. The mission launched from Xichang Satellite Launch Center on December 2, and took almost two weeks to reach the moon’s surface.

Artist rendering of Yutu.

The 300-pound six-wheeled rover is similar to NASA’s own Mars rover Curiosity, and will explore a flat region of the moon called the Bay of Rainbows, or Sinus Iridum. The lander and rover each have separate scientific missions they’ll pursue while on the lunar surface. The rover will look at the moon’s geological structure and try to find natural resources, moving at about 200 yards per hour. The lander will perform experiments where it sits.MH