SoulCycle Founders on Learning to Delegate And Becoming Leaders

Ask any entrepreneur that’s made it big: scaling your business requires a change in mindset.

Just a few years ago, when Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler founded the high-end gym chain SoulCycle, they were the company’s only employees. Now, with over 700 individuals to manage, Rice and Cutler have had to release the reigns on their rapidly growing business, and let their employees pick up more of the work.

“One relationship that’s really interesting as an entrepreneur is going from just being an entrepreneur to becoming a leader,” says Rice. “It’s really a challenge to figure out how to actually be the person in the trenches doing everything, to running an organization and delegating, and growing people up underneath you so they can go out and begin to scale your business.”

Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler

The key to helping those employees scale responsibly? Culture.

“Culture is caught and not taught,” says Cutler. “You have to make sure that you have people around you who really understand the DNA of your business and of what you’re trying to accomplish.”

“As an entrepreneur, our instinct is that if we don’t touch everything it won’t be just right,” adds Rice. “Beginning to let that go and figure out how to delegate and lead, is a really interesting relationship that I think entrepreneurs definitely have with themselves at some point as their businesses are growing.”SS