Apple Is Making It Easier To Buy In-App Ads

To boost revenues from iAds in iTunes Radio and apps, Apple is trying to make it easy to buy ads.

Apple Is Making It Easier To Buy In-App Ads
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Apple is reportedly developing and testing a new real-time bidding system to make it easier for advertising partners to buy in-app ads through the company’s iAds system. The main thrust of the new system is to increase revenues coming from Apple’s new streaming music service iTunes Radio.

The new service is apparently being developed with traditional Apple levels of high secrecy, and could signify that iAds is maturing as an advertising platform as it evolves from its early million-dollar-per-ad rates. Though we don’t know exactly what the system looks like or how it works, it is said that there’s a real momentum behind the project and that there’s a serious focus on iTunes.

The iTunes aspect shouldn’t be a surprise. Apple launched its hotly anticipated streaming music service in the U.S. earlier this year, and promised it would launch globally in 2014. A ramp-up to a global launch would certainly include a push for more intelligent advertising systems, after what may have been a testing phase in the U.S. The arrival of new players in the market, like Spotify’s new free streams, will also be on Apple’s mind. But it’s also worth guessing that this sort of system could marry very well with Apple’s long-fabled plans to launch a TV.

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