Shake Shack CEO: Communicate What’s Important To You Every Day

Randy Garutti knows that happy employees and a well-functioning team are the key ingredients to a successful business.

In our first conversation with the Shake Shack CEO, Garutti shared with us the story of the “Shack Cam,” a small camera intended to help customers avoid the infamous lines at the burger joint’s flagship location in New York City.

Garutti obviously has a good relationship with his customers. But what about his team?

“The best advice I can give people, as a leader, is to spend your day telling people what’s important to you,” Garutti says.”Every day I take my time to tell everyone I can on my team what’s important to me.”

Danny Meyer and Randy Garutti

Garutti credits this approach to renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer and feels establishing what matters to a business fosters independence, and builds trust between coworkers.

“When I do that I don’t have to be there at every moment of every decision–our team is fully equipped to make decisions on their own because we spend our days telling each other what’s important to us,” he says. “I think that’s the definition of great leadership for us.”