By The Numbers: What Nest, Uber, And Other Google Ventures Companies Did In 2013

Google’s investment arm released its year in review Monday, highlighting the progress of some of its 225 portfolio companies.

By The Numbers: What Nest, Uber, And Other Google Ventures Companies Did In 2013

Google Ventures has had a busy year. In 2013, it helped 127 portfolio companies with recruiting, sourcing 1,586 engineering leads to help grow their teams. But the companies themselves have also been hard at work. Of note, they had nine exits, three of them IPOs: Silver Spring Networks, RetailMeNot, and Foundation Medicine. The investment arm of the Mountain View, California, search giant recapped its year in a report released Monday.


By the numbers, here’s what some of its portfolio companies did in 2013:

E-hailing app Uber expanded to 62 cities, creating new jobs (and some lawsuits) wherever it went.

Smart thermostat maker Nest helped save 1.2 billion kilowatt hours, enough to power more than 1.3 million homes for a month.

Field trials of Cool Planet Energy Systems’ biofuels and soil-enhancing biochar helped increase crop yields by 60%.

AngelList helped startups raise $125 million.

ZenPayroll processed $240 million in payroll.


CustomMade made 2,000 custom engagement rings.

Foundation Medicine, which went public this year, helped more than 5,000 doctors identify therapies based on the DNA of tumors.

Another Google Ventures companies has had a heck of a year–and in particular, last few weeks–but direct-to-consumer genetics company 23andMe was notably absent from this review.

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