Twitter Is Starting To Alert You When Your friends Talk About TV Shows

A push notification spotted by Alex Rainert shows the social network wants to keep you updated on your favorite TV shows.

Twitter Is Starting To Alert You When Your friends Talk About TV Shows
[Images: Flickr user Forklift Luke; Alex Rainert]

Twitter looks like it is experimenting with a feature that notifies you via push notification when your friends are talking about TV shows.

The feature was spotted by former Foursquare product head Alex Rainert, who wrote about it on his blog.

Twitter is in hot pursuit of TV networks, stars, and advertisers as it seeks to turn a profit. As an email thread from Twitter cofounder Biz Stone demonstrates, Twitter has had its eye on TV since 2007, long before every show had a hashtag and every episode was live-tweeted.

We can see how this feature can be annoying if you’re not into TV, but imagine it being applied to anything else you might be interested in. Twitter could alert you to what’s happening with the things you’re interested in, without you needing to monitor your feed. As AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka points out, not only could highlighting cool stuff keep power users more engaged, it would be great for new users not familiar with Twitter jargon like RT to instantly know what’s hot at the moment.

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