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Google Realizes It's Complicated, Rolls Out "Tips" Site To Help Users

In an effort aimed at average consumers, Google rolls out Tips to help them understand its products.

[Image: Flickr user Top Rank Online Marketing]

Google spreads its technological tentacles far and wide, from web searches through maps to cat videos and music, and things have become complicated over time. So in an effort to help the average consumer understand the nature of the beast, Google has launched a Tips website that acts as a handy guide to all 13 of its consumer-facing products.

Android, Calendar, Chrome, Docs, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Keep, Maps, News, Play, Search, and YouTube are the current available topics, but Google is offering users the chance to suggest more. And though the Tips site can hardly be called exhaustive, it does offer some in-depth guides for each item.

The site seems to work best when you're logged in, and Google prompts you to do that. This is a clever PR move by Google that also promotes Google+, but despite that, the average user will likely find the Tips very useful.

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