Oculus Raises $75 Million For Virtual Reality Headset

It’s not just Google’s smart headset Glass that you’ll be wearing next year.

Oculus Raises $75 Million For Virtual Reality Headset
[Image: Flickr user Sergey Galyonkin]

A new investment round led by Andreessen Horowitz has raised an additional $75 million in funding for virtual reality goggles firm Oculus. The money will help finalize development and production of the company’s first consumer-grade headset, due to go on sale in 2014.

Marc Andreessen is joining the Oculus board along with a partner, Chris Dixon, to assist the company’s management as it makes its big consumer play. Dixon spoke to The Verge and explained that the investment was made after the company impressed them with its technology, having “nailed” the difficult jobs of aligning display tech, processing, and motion tracking to avoid the motion sickness-inducing image latency issue VR goggles can suffer.

The company has been working on its consumer Oculus Rift after raising $16 million to fund its developer-grade edition of the headset, which is bulkier and uses lower resolution displays. This unit has been on sale for months for $500, and unlike Google’s suspicious and closed developer roll-out of its augmented reality headset Glass the Rift is widely accessible and has received much acclaim.

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