All Of The Gruesome Ways That Smoking Changes Your Body

If the prospect of lung cancer doesn’t get you down, a new interactive web tool shows people loud and clear the myriad of effects that smoking will have on their bodies, from more acne and worse breath to increased arm hair (for women) to a lower sperm count (for men).

Kids, this is your body on tobacco.

The web tool, called Tobacco Body, was developed by Cancer Society of Finland and the creative agency 358. With zooms and a slider, it allows visitors to view effects on males or females, and then explore how the body of a smoker changes compared to a non-smoker. Since the site started getting international media attention a month ago, 3.5 million people have visited the site.

See How Smoking Will Ruin Your Face, With These Side-By-Side Images Of Twins

Among anti-smoking advocates, there’s a growing interest in really showing what smoking does to physical appearances as much as health effects. Last month, we covered new research that compared real side-by-side images of twins, where one was a smoker and one was not. The effect was not pretty.

While the idea of elevated lung cancer or heart disease risk should be a smoking deal breaker to most people, the vivid illustration of how smoking changes the human body in superficial ways could be more jarring. You can explore the Tobacco Body tool more here.