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Inside The Company That Powers Twitter's New Tailored Audience Program

Twitter's new Tailored Audiences product lets advertisers show Promoted Tweets to people who have expressed interest in their brands elsewhere on the web.

Inside The Company That Powers Twitter's New Tailored Audience Program

[Image: Flickr user Okko Pyykko]

Nobody likes to feel like their web activities are being blatantly tracked, particularly not by marketers. So Twitter is experimenting with a more subtle way to get brands in front of its users with a new product called Tailored Audiences. The idea behind Tailored Audiences is simple: If a customer expresses interest in a brand somewhere other than Twitter—say, the brand's website—chances are they'll respond positively when shown a relevant Promoted Tweet from the same brand on Twitter. In the best case, that customer will be more likely to purchase a product or service sold by that brand.

To bring Tailored Audiences to life, Twitter has partnered with the ad-tech company Dstillery (formerly Media6Degrees), which has been using its proprietary technology to home in on specific audience groups for years. Twitter, which has been testing a beta version of Tailored Audiences for several months, says beta advertising partner HubSpot, which makes marketing software, saw engagement rates lift 45% by showing Promoted Tweets to Twitter users who had recently visited its website.

"We’re excited about the possibilities that tailored audiences will open up for marketers with direct response objectives," writes Twitter product manager Abhishek Shrivastava.

Of course, you can always opt out of being included in one of Twitter's Tailored Audience groups by going to your privacy settings and unchecking the "Promoted content" box, or by turning on the Do Not Track (DNT) browser preference that prevents web services from collecting certain information about you.