The Recommender: Christina Chaey On Bygone Beers And Beyoncé

The three best things one of Fast Company‘s Associate Editors saw on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Christina Chaey On Bygone Beers And Beyoncé
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Being silly at Fast Company‘s Innovation By Design Awards.

Name: Christina Chaey
Role at Fast Company: Associate Editor, Digital
Twitter: @christinachaey
Titillating Fact: Christina is a baking fiend. (Her latest conquest: French macarons.) “Cooking is my favorite way to exercise creativity otherwise left unlocked–it’s great to discover a new spice pairing or cooking method that reinvents the way I see and use familiar foods. But baking, which is less improvisation and more science, requires precision and dedication that, when done right, yields incredibly satisfying (and delicious) results. I’m attempting torrone for the holidays.”


Things she’s loving:

1. Offline, a mobile magazine
I have a fairly hefty morning commute in from New Jersey, so I’m always looking for new reads and podcasts to help while away my bus time. Offline, a beautiful new monthly magazine for iOS, combines the best of both sight and sound by publishing long-form articles alongside professionally narrated audio. Purchasing a subscription to Offline also lets me support its writers: The magazine pays each contributor 10% of the app’s monthly revenue.

[Image: Offline]

2. This list of nine beers Americans are no longer drinking
Big Beer has a problem: Americans are no longer drinking the Kool-Aid from the country’s most iconic breweries, like MillerCoors, Heineken, and Anheuser-Busch. I’m a bit of a beer geek, so I found the blog 24/7 Wall St.’s list of the Nine Beers Americans No Longer Drink to be a fascinating look at just how much the commercial beer industry is being disrupted by the multitude of incredible craft breweries and specialty beer bars and retailers that continue to crop up all over the country. Read it while sucking down my new favorite beer: The 2013 Limited Edition Duvel Tripel Hop, brewed with Sorachi Ace hops.

[Image: Flickr user LarryHB]

3. Random Beyoncé
Sometimes, a girl needs a brilliant video player that plays an infinite loop of Beyoncé music videos. For the eyes and the ears, you know?

[Image: Random Beyoncé]

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