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Find Someone On Twitter Through A Phone Number? In India, Yes

Twitter makes a deal with Truecaller, and Indian tweeters can now locate, tweet at, and follow each other via their digits.

Find Someone On Twitter Through A Phone Number? In India, Yes

[Image: Flickr user Andreas Eldh]

Twitter, which is adding about 500,000 users from India each week, has hooked up with Swedish reverse-lookup phone directory Truecaller to expand its presence in the world's largest democracy.

That means Indian Twitter users will soon be able to find people on Twitter via their phone numbers. They can also tweet, follow, or call them from within the Truecaller app if the number is connected to a Twitter account.

"With this new integration, a Truecaller user can instantly tweet back to a missed call that has a Twitter account connected to the phone number. This is especially valuable for users in India who are looking for a fast, free, and reliable way to communicate," Truecaller CEO and cofounder Alan Mamedi said in a statement to Indian newspaper the Economic Times.

The service will be available on Android, by far the dominant smartphone operating system in India, though the company has plans for iOS availability in 2014. As of now, no other country offers the feature.

Twitter doesn't say how many users it has in India but one of the themes in its pre-IPO S-1 filing is that it has more users outside the U.S. than in it.