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YouTube Culls Gamers’ Videos

Game firms are supporting uploaders after YouTube removed their in-game clips.

YouTube Culls Gamers’ Videos
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Last Monday YouTube began to take down video clips that contained copyrighted material–or at least material that Google’s automated engine deems to be infringing copyrights. The new purge was aimed at videos that gamers upload of their in-game action, either as demos or as handy tips or walk-throughs. The problem is the game companies don’t necessarily want YouTube to take those clips down.

As Computer and Video Games reports, some top-rank gaming YouTubers claim that hundreds of their uploaded clips have been auto tagged as being in violation of copyright. But Blizzard, which is behind World of Warcraft and StarCraft–MMORPGs that involve many hundreds of millions of players–has asked affected fans to contest the takedown notices. Other gaming companies, from Capcom to Ubisoft, have offered similar words of support to gamers, and in Capcom’s case the company made an effort to note Google’s notices were “illegitimate flags not instigated by us.”

Google has faced controversy in recent weeks over its overhauled YouTube comments system, which requires that commenters use Google+ in order to make comments. The company’s VP of Product Management for G+ recently admitted that this move had gone wrong, and is facing “real problems.”

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