Twitter’s Most Popular Tweets, 2013: Paul Walker’s Death, Boston Marathon Bombing, More

This was the year all news was tweeted.

Okay, maybe not all, but think back on 2013’s news–from sports to technology to politics to fashion–and you’ll realize most of it was tweeted.

Or, as Twitter puts it: “What happened in the world simultaneously happened on Twitter.”

While this alone is not exactly shocking given social’s rise and rise, the top shared tweet for 2013 may surprise you: The so-called “golden tweet” was Glee star Lea Michele’s first tweet about the death of her costar Cory Monteith. Her tweet was retweeted more than 408,000 times across 133 countries.

This underscores Twitter’s intense pursuit of deeper connections with television.

The second-most-popular tweet was the official announcement of Paul Walker’s death, retweeted nearly 400,000 times as news of the Fast and Furious star’s passing broke around the world.

Other highlights include a peak of 130,000 tweets per minute about the new pope on the appointment of Pope Francis in March, the use of Twitter by the Boston police department to share news on the manhunt after the marathon bombing, and Twitter’s usage rate hitting 500 million tweets per day from over 230 million “active” users.KE